Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can light a message light at a keyset from a single line port. How do I turn the light off?

The message light can be turned off through the single line port. There are two methods of turning off the light at the keyset. One way is to lift the handset press the message light, and complete the call by going offhook (answering the call) at the ringing extension. Another way is while on hook, press the message button and then press your own extension DSS key.

Q: The alarm/speed dial button is constantly on. How do I turn it off?

A: This is a natural occurrence when there is an alarm set at this extension. To turn it off, press the alarm/speed dial button once. Wait a couple of seconds and then press the alarm/speed dial button again. Finally, press the hold button. This will clear the alarm.

Q: Why are some people not listed in the company directory?

A: Check that each mailbox owner has recorded his or her name. Entries in the company directory will only be present if each mailbox owner has recorded their name and entered their name using the keypad (options 4 and 5 from the Mailbox Administration Menu). Also remember to press the # key to save, DON'T just hang up when finished.

Q: My phone does not ring or goes straight to my voice mail. Why is that?

A: The reason your phone is not ringing and just going straight to your voice mail is that your DND (do not disturb) feature is turned on. While phone is on hook dial 400 to turn the feature off. Dialing 401 turns the feature on.

Q: How do I change the date/time on our Samsung phone system?

A: On any display phone, with the phone idle (handset on-hook) press the [TRANSFER] button and dial 200+ 12341 and press [TRANSFER] again. (This opens the customer programming option). Press, [TRANSFER] and dial 505, as you press the dial pad and enter new info you will see it appear on the lower part of the display. The time is the last four digits, so you can just reenter the same info that is currently in the WMMDDYY section. You must enter the time in 24-hour format. Press [TRANSFER] to finish.

Q: I accidentally deleted a message from my Samsung Voicemail system, is there any way I can get the message back?

A: When this function is activated, the SVMi-8 will allow you to undelete any messages that you have recently deleted (up to 3 a.m. the following morning). From the Mailbox Main Menu press [6] for Mailbox Administration. Press [3] for Deleted Messages. Deleted voice mail messages are temporarily stored in memory until 3 a.m. the following day. Select this option to recover (“undelete”) previously deleted messages, during this period of time.

Q: How can I check/record the company greetings on our Samsung Voicemail system?

A: Call your voicemail system via the [VMMSG] key. When prompted for your passcode, bypass it with a [*] (star) and then a [#] (pound) (or hashtag for the younger crowd). Then dial 000 or 0000 (depends on your system type). It will prompt you again for a passcode. You will need to get that passcode from customer support. Once you are in System Admin, press 1 for system prompts and then dial the prompt numbers you are needing to check or record. Prompt 1001 for Day, 1002 for Night, 1003 for Holiday and 1004 for Weather. Follow instructions to delete and rerecord. Remember to save your recordings by pressing [#] when done.

Q: I'd like to change the CID Name or Number Display on my Samsung phone?

A: Most systems have the caller's phone number OR name displayed. If you prefer to have one or the other, you can change it right from your extension. While the phone is idle, press [TRANSFER] then 119, press [VOLUME] until you see CLI then press the right softkey (three rectangular keys just below your display) , then [VOLUME] again to change from "Name First" or "Number First" then [TRANSFER] to save your settings.

Q: How do I make a conference call on my Samsung phone?

A: Making a conference call on your Samsung system is easy. Whether you're making the call or receiving the call the process is the same. While on the call, press the [Conference] key, dial the other person's extension or grab an outside line to call out. When the second person answers press [Conference] again. If you need to add another person to the conference at this point, make the call. When you have dialed the last person, press [Conference] twice. Pressing [Conference] twice tells the system you want all parties connected.
If you're phone set doesn't have a [Conference] key, it is still available via the soft keys under your LCD display