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My association with CyberComm started late in 2000.

It has been a journey that the guys (Court, Lawrence, and Rob) have gone the distance.
As the Systems Manager for Royal Productions, I was going to have to make some decisions regarding our telephone system, data and voice provider, and the wiring for our communication needs for our office move that was planned for the spring of 2001. Initially I spoke to Court to
compare "next generation" PC based phone systems. After much thought and principally because of the information, confidence, and experience that Court and Lawrence shared, Royal chose the Praxon System and CyberComm to install the system. (Note: I spoke with many of CyberComm's existing customers only to receive great references for their professionalism.)

Subsequently our original service provider was not able to fulfill their commitment, and Court and Rob brought us together with NewSouth to adequately meet our needs. Royal also chose CyberComm to do the wiring for data and voice of two warehouses and a "to be" constructed office building. With the delays of having a building constructed, our move was delayed SIX times. At each delay Court was understanding and readjusted the schedule.
Up to this point, floor plans have changed, drops have been added, taken away, added again but we have finally done a walk through and Court and Lawrence have never flinched or hesitated at any of the changes. In the heat of mid summer, electricians, plumbers, miscellaneous vendors, CyberComm has continued to be a pleasure to work with and has surpassed others in their commitment to make this project happen.

Royal Productions